VoxFeed Music: Connect Artists & Record Labels with Fans on TikTok

Let Your Music Go Viral on TikTok

Get hundreds of content creators promoting your music simultaneously.

VoxFeed allows artists, concert promoters and record labels create music marketing campaigns on TikTok and Instagram

VoxFeed Music is a platform connecting Artists, Concert Promoters and Record Labels with Fans and Influencers

Start a trend with VoxFeed

TikTok’s “For You” recommendation algorithm responds to the sheer number of times your audio track is used within a short time frame.

VoxFeed allows you to broadcast a collaboration offer to thousands of cost-effective content creators at the same time. You create the trend, and then let the TikTok algorithm make it viral.

You're In Good Company

Run your music marketing campaign along with major record labels, concert promoters and artists

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Frequently asked questions

Can I promote concerts and other events using VoxFeed?

Using VoxFeed, you can launch campaigns on social media to promote concerts, shows and other events. You can filter profiles by geography, interests and schedule posts for specific dates. You can even invite fans to participate and integrate them.

What makes TikTok and Reels different?

Not just audio and music are key in this type of content, TikTok’s algorithm doesn’t depend on the follower count. It ranks videos based on their engagement level and the amount of people using the same audio.

Are VoxFeed and social media the right tools for me?

Yes, whether you’re a professional artist, musician, concert promoter, or record label. It’s a big way that record labels have brought artists into the spotlight the last couple of years. Songs can rise up organically even if they’ve been outside the mainstream for decades.

Why would I need VoxFeed?

VoxFeed allows you to manage content, your marketing budget, and to broadcast easily your music marketing campaigns to fans, content creators, influencers and non-influencers on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.