VoxFeed Lite – Customer-Generated Content on Social Media (CGC)

Get & Manage Better Customer-Generated Content

Get customers to create and post content on social media about your brand with a free-to-access platform.

Create campaigns and get Customer-generated content on social media. Authentic and organic social media posts for your brand.

Create Relationships

Nurture authentic brand relationships with your customers and leverage their social media presence.

Share It

Get genuine social media customer-generated content about your brand, product reviews, or just get the word out.

Approve & Reward

Select, approve and reward your best content creators. Harness all the power of customer-generated content.

Brands That Use VoxFeed

tiktok music platform

How to get started

Just follow these simple steps

#1 Create your profile

Create your free business account and complete your basic info

#2 Set up your campaign

What kind of user-generated content on social media would you like to have?

#3 Add Credit

How will you reward your customers? VoxFeed charges 10% of each offer or $5 USD per post if it's an in-kind collaboration.

#4 Share your campaign

You can post your campaign link on your website or social media, share the QR code at your shop or simply explore our database of content creators.

customer generated content on social media voxfeed

#5 Get social media content

Track, manage and review created content. Pick your favourites and reward them!

customer generated content on social media voxfeed

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Frequently asked questions

What is Customer-generated content (CGC)

User or customer-generated content (CGC) on social media is any content – videos, images, reviews – created by regular users, rather than by the brands themselves.

What type of content works better

Depending on the main objective of the campaign, there are certain recommendations to follow when creating a campaign. VoxFeed will provide you with free templates.

Why does User-generated content work

As one of the most authentic forms of digital word-of-mouth marketing, user content is a great way for brands to make themselves more accessible and relatable to their audience.

How can I manage my campaign's budget

You can add credit and process payments directly in the platform. Each brand has its own credit that it can distribute among its campaigns. A campaign's budget is the maximum credit that can be spent.