VoxFeed Music: Get Paid To Promote Your Favorite Songs On TikTok

Collaborate With Bands & Artists On TikTok

Get Paid To Create Content With Your Favorite Audios And Artists On Social Media!

VoxFeed da las herramientas para artistas, promotores de conciertos y discográficas para campañas de marketing en TikTok e Instagram

Monetize your content and get paid for promoting your favorite songs

From indie artists and bands, to major superstars in the industry

Do you already create content using songs from the most popular artists of the moment? At VoxFeed you can monetize your content on TikTok and have access to other benefits such as exclusive events.

At VoxFeed you get paid for creating content on TikTok and have access to other benefits such as exclusive events.

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How it works

Which bands and artists use VoxFeed?

From indie bands, to artists from international record labels, you can create your VoxFeed account and check the campaigns available for you.

How much do I get paid to participate?

You set the price. Artists and brands on VoxFeed will be able to view your profile and invite you to participate in their campaigns.

How to participate in a campaign?

On your VoxFeed account, you can check the campaigns & challenges available to you. Review them, pick your favorites, participate, post it on social media and get paid!

With which social networks can I participate?

On VoxFeed you can participate with your TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, and if you have a minimum of 100 followers on your profiles.

Do I have to connect my social media to VoxFeed?

Yes, you have to connect the social networks you want to participate with. This is so that artists can see your profile and invite you. But you are always in control, no one can post content for you.